Capsule wardrobe: step-by-step

Capsule wardrobe step-by-step
"What am I wearing today? Nothing fits together!”

Do you know these statements? I think every fashion lover has had to grapple with such beliefs. The solution, on the other hand, is often to buy new clothes. But not anymore! For several years now, a concept has been making the rounds in the fashion world that promises relaxation when it comes to finding an outfit. You've probably heard the name somewhere before: Capsule Wardrobe . But what is important in a capsule wardrobe, what it actually is and, more importantly, why it is worth investing in one, we explain in this blog entry.

Capsule Wardrobe: What is it?

The trend started in the late 1870s with designer Susie Faux. Susie Faux, owner of a London fashion boutique, made it her mission to create a very personal, individual style for her clientele with simple but high-quality clothing. The idea was to find styles that would never lose their timelessness and could therefore be worn every season.
So the concept is quite plausible: It's about being able to create as many outfits as possible with as few items of clothing as possible. Outfits that don't follow trends, but work well year after year and don't lose their relevance. Maximizing outfit options and minimizing clothing items . At first glance, this may sound quite sobering and one wonders whether these are looks with drab, boring colors and styles that are repeated over and over again. But it is not like that. Anyone who chooses a capsule wardrobe is predestined to keep combining things in new ways, trying out new looks and finding out more about their own style. It's about figuring out which looks work well on your own body and which colors work better than others. Anyone who decides to embark on the capsule journey is forced to deal with their own consumer behavior. It helps to appreciate your own wardrobe more and to think about every purchase: Do I really need this?

How do I start a capsule wardrobe?

But where do you start? And what does a capsule wardrobe actually look like?
First, you should take stock of your own wardrobe: What do I already own, which pieces look good on me, what do I wear regularly and like? Get rid of all those parts that haven't been used for years!
Since you want to create a well-combinable wardrobe, you should first concentrate on the basics. That doesn't mean that your choice will later be limited solely to earth tones or gray tones. In principle, however, it is important to choose two basic colors or a color scheme that you can build on and that make it possible to expand the wardrobe.

What belongs in a capsule wardrobe?

Back to the question of what a minimalist wardrobe could look like: the finished wardrobe is divided into different categories. On the one hand there are the tops and bottoms. Here you should ask yourself which cuts flatter you the most and are the most comfortable. This is a question that needs to be answered, especially when it comes to pants and jeans. Of course, several different items of clothing can be selected from each category. For example when it comes to tops. You can go for classic patterns like dots or stripes. One top in white, one in black, one in camel and one in stripes. When it comes to shirts, too, it pays to own several different ones. This makes combining and finding an outfit a lot easier later on.
The second category refers to "outer wear", i.e. clothing for outdoors. Coats, jackets and shoes fall into this category. Especially when it comes to coats and jackets, statement pieces can be used here. The only important thing is that these models are not trending, but that they can hold their own in a few years: a camel trench coat or a cool leather biker jacket, for example. Always keep in mind: classic cuts are the key to elegance and a successful capsule wardrobe. The quality and origin of the fashion also play a major role in the choice of clothes. Orient yourself to high-quality materials and fair production . Natural materials such as cotton, silk, leather or lambskin are wonderful alternatives to cheap disposable fashion. Wool or cashmere are good options for your top collection. Leather or fur impresses when it comes to jackets and coats. The materials are uncomplicated and shine even after years of wear. With a more sustainable wardrobe and high-quality clothing, the principle of circular fashion also works if an item no longer pleases you. Then, thanks to good quality and care, it can be reworked even after many years. So a win-win situation!
Capsule wardrobe: step-by-step

Last but not least: accessories round off your personal capsule wardrobe!

Now let's move on to the accessories: earrings, rings, belts, sunglasses and bags.
Find out what suits you best and dare to invest in quality and classics in this category as well. Do you prefer to wear gold or silver? Big or small jewelry? Rely on simple designs. When it comes to bags, unique leather items are always a good choice, as they work with many outfits and occasions.

A sustainable wardrobe is a recommended wardrobe! Thanks to Capsule Wardrobe!

Once you've laid the groundwork for a capsule wardrobe, that doesn't mean you can never buy anything again. Do a regular seasonal check and expand your wardrobe if necessary. But you will quickly notice that you want and need to buy less. Because your wardrobe consists exclusively of evergreens.
Let's summarize why putting time into such a wardrobe is both worthwhile and commendable. One thing in advance: as soon as your capsule wardrobe exists, you will have a lot of fun with it. You're guaranteed to spend less time thinking about your outfit forever, preventing decision fatigue and frustration! The path to the capsule journey is another step towards a more sustainable lifestyle and saves money on top of that . Fewer impulse purchases, more awareness of your own style. Fashion couldn't be more beautiful!
Capsule wardrobe: step-by-step

Everything at a glance

The capsule wardrobe is about creating a timeless wardrobe. It is made up of classics that never go out of style and are individually tailored to your style. Pay attention to high quality, because your wardrobe should be durable. Building such a wardrobe is certainly a journey. But a journey that is worthwhile and will ensure long-lasting happiness.

What should not be missing in your capsule wardrobe? Our year-round favourites:


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