Suede jacket versus smooth leather jacket - which is better?

This question is not always so easy to answer. Factors such as season, weather and appearance play an important role in this.


Key difference between suede jacket and smooth leather jacket

There are two main differences between a suede jacket and a smooth leather jacket:

  • More demanding cleaning of the suede jacket
  • Weather resistance of the smooth leather jacket - even without treatment

While the suede jacket quickly darkens when it rains and absorbs water, water usually rolls off the smooth leather jacket effortlessly. A suede jacket has to be properly impregnated so that it can withstand the rain better. You can do this yourself with impregnation spray, but you can also have it professionally cleaned. Suede jackets are often worn when rain is not expected.

While stains on the smooth leather jacket can often be quickly wiped off, dirt and dirt quickly soaks into the suede jacket and can then also be removed with certain cleaning products. This is all the easier, the better the jacket has been impregnated.

If you want an absolutely insensitive, robust leather jacket, choose the smooth leather jacket.

If you appreciate the noble look of a suede jacket but accept that it is a bit more sensitive, choose the suede jacket.

What type of leather should I use for my leather jacket?

How much joy you have in a leather jacket does not depend so much on whether it is a suede jacket or a smooth leather jacket, but much more on which leather is used for the jacket. This is where savings are often made with low-cost suppliers, which can severely limit the time you can enjoy the jacket. For this reason we recommend the following types of leather:

Goatskin for suede jackets

Anyone who chooses goatskin for suede jackets (suede leather jackets) will experience that this leather is significantly softer and more durable than its counterpart made of normal pigskin. While the jacket made of suede pigskin often becomes stiff or even shrinks when it is cleaned, you can still enjoy the jacket made of goatskin even after it has been cleaned. Pigskin is generally thicker and therefore more stubborn than the soft and velvety goatskin.

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Lambskin for smooth leather jackets

Lambskin has proven itself for leather jackets made of smooth leather, as it is lighter and softer than other types of leather. Lamb leather is often referred to as lamb nappa leather, whereby "nappa" means that the leather has been sanded and waxed. This process is repeated until the desired thickness and suppleness is achieved.

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