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It is important to us that our customers are not only at their side when it comes to fashion, but also with advice and various other services. Leather, lambskin and fur are timeless, high-quality natural materials that, if you take good care of them, can be loyal companions in your wardrobe for years. With proper storage, leather, lambskin and fur can be kept from drying out and protected from external factors such as light and dirt. Since we have specialized in sensitive materials, we offer you a wide range of professional care for your leather, lamb and fur goods and to make them as durable and resistant as possible. It is worth investing in quality to be able to enjoy the garment for a long time. And because we care deeply about the environment, we want you to have your old clothes for as long as possible before you have to buy something new. Especially with high-quality leather, lamb or fur fashion, the aging of the garment can be delayed for a long time with the right handling.


Particularly beloved items of clothing and accessories made of leather, lamb or fur are often worn and used. That leaves traces. The edges may be chipped, the lining torn. In our workshops we repair your:

  • leather jackets
  • lambskin coats
  • fur coats
  • handbags

It doesn't matter whether it's just small adjustments like repairing a zipper or patching tears and holes. We are also at your disposal for larger work such as modifications (e.g. to new models or for larger or smaller works). Repair is the best way to preserve the value of your wardrobe. We are therefore happy to advise you on repair issues and make your garment or accessory look like new in no time at all. Just talk to us!

Cleaning and care:

Professional cleaning of fur, lamb and leather goods is a must. However, small stains can often be removed independently.
Nevertheless, each material is very individual and so the care instructions differ.

When it comes to leather goods, moisture is key. Once a leather jacket has dried out, it becomes stiff and unwearable. Smooth leather models should therefore be regularly greased and impregnated so that they can also be worn in the rain.
Due to the rough surface, greasing suede and suede products is out of the question. Regular impregnation is also recommended here.

What about lambskins? We distinguish between napped and unnapped models. Depending on the napping, different care is required. Leave the maintenance to a professional anyway. The jacket is then cleaned by hand, special care foams and creams are used and nothing can go wrong.

Depending on use, furs should be professionally cleaned every few years. Depending on the type of fur, the garment can be cleaned in a special wooden drum machine or treated with a steam gun


Material such as leather dries out over time, slowly becomes brittle or fades. Once the leather has dried out, the leather jacket, lamb or fur coat loses its suppleness. The leather of lamb or fur can then dry out so much that entire pieces of leather with hair can fall out. However, this natural "aging process" can be delayed with the right care and appropriate, cool and dry storage. Also, make sure to hang the coats correctly, otherwise the coat hooks may sag and the shoulders may be deformed. Susanne Ledermoden offers seasonal storage for your wardrobe.


Maybe you inherited an old fur coat and don't really know what to do with it. Or a cool but aging leather jacket?
We associate stories and people with items of clothing and often don't want to part with them. Such precious and high-quality materials are ideal for reworking. Why not conjure something new out of the old? It doesn't matter whether it should be a fur blanket, a new winter jacket or something similar. We are at your disposal for inspiration and advice. We at Susanne Ledermoden are big advocates of the so-called "circular fashion". We want to work to redesign clothes that we have but don't wear as often, instead of buying new ones. It's better for the environment, our wardrobe and our conscience.

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