Diversity & leather fashion Susanne

Diversity is the word of the hour. Whether in politics, in schools or in the fashion industry. It has been discussed, criticized and analyzed for many years, but nothing really seems to have changed, right? But what does that actually mean: diversity?

Everyone probably has their own, very personal interpretation of this term and imagines something different under it.
If you take a closer look at the meaning in the fashion context, then at first glance it is often all about including models from different countries in the advertising campaigns. So it's primarily about origin and skin color. If you ask the dictionary, it's about much more than "just" origin.

Diversity is about differences, about opposites. Factors such as age, gender, religion or disabilities play a role and make diversity what it is: diversity .
Why is diversity so important?
Quite simply: because it is about representing society.

I think we can all agree that fashion isn't just about selling clothes, it's about expressing one's identity. Fashion is an important form of self-expression that allows everyone to be creative and comfortable in their own body.
So it’s about inclusion and diverse, authentic representation.
As a company that has set itself the task of always providing its customers with modern and everyday-friendly fashion, we have a responsibility to take a step in the right direction with our offer and to counteract the lack of diversity. In 2022, while that should be the norm, it unfortunately isn't. The average size for women in Austria is 42, but these sizes are still largely underrepresented.
Curvy model- curves & edges with leather fashion Susanne
In order to ensure more visibility in our company, we went in search of models who match our values ​​and convey a realistic image of women. During our search we came across Bianca, better known as “ Curves and Edges ”. Bianca is a model, photographer and self-proclaimed Confidence activist: just what we were looking for. On her social media account, she shows how beautiful curvy fashion is. And that she is one thing above all: completely normal. Because very few women wear size 32. It is all the more paradoxical that sizes between 32 and 38 are still considered the norm. Complete nonsense, we think at Susanne Ledermoden and of course we want to convey that to the outside world. We love fashion and all bodies. We want to offer fashion for everyone, because fashion is there for everyone who is interested in it.

Diversity is not a trend, it is a must!