Who are we and what sets us apart? We would like to give you a brief overview of our work and our values ​​so that you can get an idea of ​​what is particularly important to us as a family business.

Appreciation of natural materials comes first

We keep emphasizing that working with natural materials is particularly important to us. It is important for us to make it clear that we save leather and lambskin from the food industry and thus protect high-quality natural materials from being thrown away. Because either the animal skins are burned and disposed of, or tanned and processed. The rule is: recycling instead of disposal. We also believe that natural materials should not be replaced with synthetic fibers. Fashion made of synthetic fabrics is only worn half as long and the material quickly loses its beauty. That's why we rely on animal products.  As robust, resilient and durable as natural materials are, they can be excellently restored, straightened or reworked through repair and manual work. Sustainability therefore plays a major role in our company.

Big offer for our customers: Sizes 32-66

Susanne Ledermoden would like to offer high-quality fashion made from natural materials for all those who enjoy fashion. In our eyes, fashion is a means of expressing one's own identity and this should not be denied to anyone, no matter what size they wear. Everyone is beautiful and that is exactly what we want to emphasize. For this reason we offer women's fashion in sizes 32-58 and men's fashion in sizes 44-66.
Especially with large sizes, we often only have individual pieces because we have them made specially. Many of these models cannot be viewed in the online shop. Nevertheless, we are trying to gradually digitalize all our models as quickly as possible. But until then, feel free to come by and take a look at our collection on site!

Maintaining value through repairs

Our aim is to create and establish a ubiquitous awareness of fashion and its value. In our workshops we therefore repair leather, lamb and fur products (clothing, but also bags and accessories). With fashion made from natural materials, the high quality pays off and repairing or redesigning the model is not a problem. We are happy to take care of your favorite pieces made of leather, lamb and fur. With our range of repairs, we want to show how easy it is to make new things out of old ones. Manual work and the necessary know-how are our top priority. Everything under the motto: Reduce and Reuse. Repair instead of new purchase.

EU production

We condemn precarious employment and dishonesty.
The products we sell are of animal origin. For us, this means that we have to take a particularly close look at where our materials come from. Therefore we try to be as transparent as possible about our production facilities. We mainly cooperate with family-run companies in Europe. This is the only way we can ensure that the production process corresponds to our values. EU production means EU standards and that means reasonable production conditions. Personal visits to our partners are part of the regular standard program. However, there are individual partner companies that relocate parts of their production abroad. In these individual cases, however, the same quality standards apply. The production facilities are regularly and strictly controlled and we make sure that they meet our criteria.

Sustainability and sustainable awareness

Tanning plays a major role in the leather industry. The way it is tanned determines how sustainable a product is. Chemical tanning is one of the most common tanning processes. However, having leather chemically tanned is extremely harmful to the environment. Our leather jacket range still includes chemical tanned leather jackets from previous collections. However, we would like to gradually reduce this stock and focus on leather jackets that have been manufactured using the sustainable process of vegetable tanning. This is the only way we can make an authentic contribution to sustainability in the fashion world.


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