Cleaning leather jackets

Smooth leather or suede?

At the beginning you have to be clear whether your leather jacket or leather coat is made of smooth leather or suede leather, also called suede. The difference is the surface of the leather. If the surface is smooth and looks like it has been coated or waxed, then it is smooth leather. If the surface shows a hallway where you can see a line when you stroke the surface, then it is suede leather. Knowing the difference is important as these two basic types of leather require different care and cleaning. If you are unsure, look at the leather jacket label, because sometimes it says what kind of leather it is.

Clean smooth leather jacket

A beloved leather jacket is worn regularly. However, this also means that regular maintenance is necessary. Here, too, it is important to counteract the drying out of the leather, which means in concrete terms: regreasing as often as possible. Greasing can be done either with a wax or special care creams. Depending on how often your jacket is worn, it should be impregnated one to four times a year. If the leather jacket is impregnated , it is no problem to wear it in the rain.

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If the leather jacket has stains or dirt, it is advisable to consult a specialist like us. You can find us at Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 20, 1030 Vienna. However, if you have water stains or small impurities, you can try it yourself. To make sure your leather jacket doesn't discolor, try it on a small area first.

  1. Boil water or prepare a bowl of boiled water
  2. Take a white cloth
  3. Briefly dip the white cloth in the distilled water
  4. Stroke the stain
  5. If the stain comes off, repeat the process.
  6. If not, go to a specialist!
  7. Let the leather jacket dry

    Cleaning a suede leather jacket

    Unlike smooth leather, the suede jacket should not be re-greased. Usually, the models are napped (sanded and waxed) on the inside. Since the inside is unlined, no extra care is required. In the case of cleaning, this should be left to a specialist. The jacket is then cleaned by hand. Chemical cleaning should be avoided as long as possible, because regular chemical cleaning removes moisture from the leather again. Dry cleaning is not the end of the world for high-quality leather jackets and coats. However, cheap suede jackets, such as those made from pigskin, become stiff immediately.

    Stains cannot simply be wiped out of a suede jacket, also known as wild leather or suede jacket. Due to the "rough" surface, it absorbs stains and volatiles. That's why a specialist like us should always be consulted in the event of contamination. You can find us at Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 20, 1030 Vienna. Coarse stains can be treated with special chalk, sea foam or creams. Depending on how big and stubborn the stain is, it can be removed with sponges of different hardness.

    However, if the stain is very fresh, you can do the following:

    1. Take a white cloth
    2. Dab gently on the spot
    3. Repeat this process until no more liquid is visible

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