Spring trends 2023

The new year has finally begun and that means for us: new colours, new styles, new materials. The trends this year are so diverse that there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. We've seen everything from all-black looks to colorful outfits with surreal flowers on the catwalks! Materials such as sequins, jeans or knitwear are dominating the fashion world this year. But there was one material we particularly liked. You guessed it: This year the focus of the fashion world is once again on leather fashion and we love it! Here you can find out which trends have particularly stood out and how you can style them . 

Pink biker jacket ladies leather fashion Susanne

#Trend 1 - Statement leather coats

We love bright colors and statement looks. How practical that this year it's all about: attracting attention at all costs.
There are no limits to the imagination. Rich colors, bold patterns and high-quality materials make your appearance unique. Feel-good colors such as yellow, green, pink, light blue or peach are particularly relevant this season. But what is the best way to combine bright colors? 

Our styling tip :
Especially with statements, it is important not to show any shyness. Try it out and dare to grab other eye-catching colors. If you prefer to be on the safe side, then earth tones or denim colors are always a good choice. This is how you create the necessary balance in your outfit and your statement leather coat provides a refreshing splash of color.
For all fans of maximalism, contrasts are an option. Color blocking , big eye-catcher accessories or mixing different materials are just a few styling options to make your spring a little more colourful. 

Abstract leather coat women Susanne Ledermoden

#Trend 2 – biker jackets as the star of your look

Gucci and Versace lead the way and create cool outfits around the center piece biker jacket . So can we! Simple oversize models in black, beige or brown are in demand this season and are in great demand. The biker jacket, inspired by motorsport, is characterized by its sturdy leather and bold look. What is the best way to combine a jacket like this? We have the solution. 

Our styling tip :
We love contrasts. A break in style is the key to success here and the way to a stylish look! For example, reach for delicate fabrics like tulle or combine the jacket with a sequined skirt (sequins are proving their fashion relevance again this year).
A casual biker jacket, combined with an unexpectedly feminine fabric , pushes the leather jacket into the focus of the style , creating a refreshing ensemble.
If you like it simpler, combine the biker jacket with a simple tone-on-tone look. No matter what you decide, your styling will be rounded off with the right accessories of your choice.

Beige biker leather jacket women Susanne Ledermoden

#Trend 3 - Leather Trench Coats

Leather trench coats always work. They are the perfect fusion of a leather blazer and the classic trench coat, which has been highly modern and popular again since Burberry. A real evergreen!

Our styling tip :
Wearing a long leather trench coat makes a statement and demonstrates confidence in style. The bold and confident look is emphasized in combination with a denim midi skirt and a delicate blouse . If you prefer it cool, you can combine the coat with loose-fit jeans and a simple T-shirt . Our recommendation here: rely on striking accessories. This is how you advance the look from a simple everyday look to a street style fit suitable for fashion weeks. If you like, you can round off the outfit with a red lipstick. Very elegant! 

N / A? Feel like spring? We also!

This year there really is something for every fashion lover. Particularly practical: You probably already own one of the trend pieces presented. So you can start spring 2023 comfortably and directly in a fashion-forward way.
So let's recap: This year is about contrasts. The trend towards wearing gaudy and wildly patterned leather jackets and leather coats is evident on the European catwalks. A great opportunity to be creative and indulge in bright spring colors. On the other hand, fashion trends are bringing us back to our much-loved favorites: leather trench coats and biker jackets. This proves once again how timeless these pieces are, because they work perfectly in everyday life and effortlessly upgrade every outfit on.
We can only say that we are incredibly looking forward to rising temperatures and fresh looks and we only have one piece of advice for you: Ready, steady, STYLE!

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