Impregnating a leather jacket

Much has been written about how and how often a leather jacket should be waterproofed. But it's very simple. Due to their tanning, leather jackets always have a certain protection against rain and moisture. However, this is not always the same and cannot be generalized. Because the coloring also plays a role and it depends on how well the leather absorbs the color. That's why experts recommend impregnating the leather jacket immediately after purchase. When asked how often your leather jacket should be impregnated:

After about 10 wears, impregnate your leather jacket

But before you start waterproofing, make sure your waterproofing spray is the right one for your jacket's leather and the right shade. Because there is a separate impregnation spray for every type of leather and every color. If you have a colored waterproofing spray, test it on a small inside of your jacket first. However, to avoid the color problem in private households, simply use a colorless waterproofing spray.

Expert tip: colorless waterproofing spray

Waterproofing is important for your leather jacket. because it protects the leather jacket from dirt and from drying out. The impregnation releases a certain amount of moisture and closes the pores from stains.

Waterproof your leather jacket in 6 steps:

  1. Take a waterproofing spray
  2. Hold this about 30cm (an arm length) away from the leather jacket
  3. Spray the leather jacket with back and forth movements
  4. Spray the whole leather jacket
  5. Let the leather jacket dry, about 30 minutes
  6. Repeat the process

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