With color blocking through spring: Our styling tips for you

It's finally April, because that means Easter and spring time !
The first early bloomers and colorful Easter decorations herald the warmer days and whet the appetite for color in the house and garden. So why not in the closet too?
So the perfect time to finally say kisses baba to boring winter sweaters and monotonous cardigans and to reintegrate colorful fabrics and materials into your everyday life. The more colour, the better is a very special trend that has enchanted us for several years: color blocking . Ever heard? We explain what this gorgeous trend is all about and how you can easily recreate it at home.

Color Blocking Green Tshirt and Pink Pants

Color blocking: what is that supposed to be?

For those who only understand the term train station, here is a small summary. When it comes to color blocking, you might initially think of the exact opposite , namely banning colors entirely from the styling. Understandable when you hear the word " blocking ". But it's about something completely different: namely creating a look in which clearly separated colors can be seen. Outfits with complementary colors are particularly popular. The trick is to combine them in such a way that they still harmonize with each other. This idea was first introduced to the fashion world by designer legend Yves Saint Laurent. Since then, the color trend has made regular comebacks.
When we combine looks, we make sure that garments, colors, patterns and accessories harmonize with each other. But that doesn't mean they have to be the same. And that's exactly what color blocking is all about: Here, high-contrast colors are styled together in such a way that they create an exciting and interesting look. But simpler colors are also ideal for trying out the trend.

Color blocked neutral colors

How to "Color Blocking"

Whether Pinterest, Vogue or Harper's Bazaar, they all show us great styling inspiration on the subject of color blocking. Colorful looks are also very popular with styling icons such as Victoria Beckham or Leonie Hanne. So can we! In order to create a striking yet balanced overall picture , you need a pronounced sense of fashion. If that is perhaps too much for you, you can start slowly with the trend. We explain how!

Color Blocking: Starter Pack

Creating a look that works doesn't mean that every piece of clothing has to be a gaudy statement piece . If you want to easily enter the world of color blocking, you basically only need one piece of clothing that does the color blocking work for you. Colored striped slipovers or coats, jackets, vests and dresses with a patchwork look are suitable here. A colorful checkerboard design can also work wonders. Once you have found a suitable piece, you can easily work around the statement piece with subtle favorites from your wardrobe . If you dare, add accessories of the same color !

Color Blocking Red Jacket Green Bag

Our styling tips for adventurers

More color, more fun? With this attitude, you are definitely at the right address for this trend. We want to give you some ideas on which colors you can mix and match to be bang on trend this year.

#1 - Yellow and pink: Warm nuances to the pink color complete the look and create great accents.

Yellow bag

#2 - Beige and Orange: These colors may not seem like an unusual color-blocking combination to you. However, we want to show you that there is a clear distinction between colors. An intense orange can be excellently grounded by neutral colors like beige.

Beige bag with twisted handle

#3 - Green and lavender: As every year, the color lavender is very popular. Of course we don't want to miss that. Lavender and green provide a perfectly harmonious match without making your look too garish or overloaded.

Green handbag with bee buckle

No-No's in color blocking

There is not any! This means letting your creativity run free and giving a stage to the items of clothing that you might not normally wear that often. You really can not go wrong . Don't stop at the combination of patterns and let off steam.

Everything at a glance

Let's recap. The color-blocking trend is the perfect opportunity to finally ring in spring and put color in everyday life. When styling, it is important to ensure that the colors are clearly separated from one another and that contrasts are created through the sections. There are no limits in terms of pattern, fabric or color and you can work with everything your wardrobe has to offer. If you prefer more subtle looks, you can also work with individual statements and create your own personal color-blocking look . Those who dare to give the trend a chance are guaranteed to receive compliments. Because the courage to try something new demonstrates style and self-confidence.

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