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Our family business was founded in 2008 by my mother, Susanne. Before that she worked in the leather and fur industry for 38 years. During this time she acquired a great deal of knowledge about leather, which she passed on to me, her daughter. I myself joined the company in 2013. Together we have set ourselves the goal of constantly providing our customers with the latest trends. To do this, we regularly go to various fashion fairs and visit the Milan Fashion Week every year. It is important to us to be able to offer a mix of modern and everyday fashion. We pay particular attention to the quality of the leather and the cuts of the leather jackets. Because we stand for quality with our company and want to satisfy our customers in the long term. We have already been able to convince our customers of this in stationary stores, and now we want to do the same online with this online shop. Because only a happy customer is a satisfied customer.

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