Origin & Production 

We select our suppliers precisely in order to be able to ensure where and how our goods are manufactured. We attach great importance to knowing the exact origin of our products. Starting with the husbandry of the animals to the production of the jackets and coats. Strict transparency in the company is essential for us. In order to be able to guarantee quality and fair working conditions in production, we rely on cooperation with certified European companies that we visit regularly. Cooperation partners are mainly companies from Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark and Germany. In collaboration with our European partners, we combine international expertise and individual designs. The interplay of different styles creates a unique range.



 For us it is clear: Our environment is the most precious commodity and it must be protected.
We try our best to make our own contribution.
Our approach is therefore to rely exclusively on the use of natural materials. On the one hand, we do without microplastics, which endanger our groundwater and the oceans, and the natural cycle is not interrupted.

In addition, leather and lambskin are a by-product of the food industry that must be reused in order to avoid waste. We take this waste product and create something new and wonderful out of it.
The tanning process is an essential step in the production of leather. Chrome tanning and vegetable tanning are still among the most common tanning methods today.
However, the enormous environmental impact caused by the harmful chemical chromium is no longer compatible with our values. Susanne Ledermoden is therefore trying to avoid chemical tanning as much as possible (especially in the future) and instead gradually switch to the more sustainable alternative of vegetable (vegetable) tanning.
However, a sustainable mindset also means dealing with old items of clothing. It is important to us to think in terms of circular fashion and to extend the lifespan of garments through reworking, repairs or recycling.


Timeless designs & high quality

Timeless designs mean endless joy.
Anyone who chooses simplicity and high quality chooses immortality. Uncomplicated models and classics will never be passé. We want to create an increasing awareness of the preciousness of clothing. Buying a leather, lamb and fur product is an investment that should be considered. For this reason, it is important to us to always encourage our customers to make conscious purchasing decisions. Our expertise and enthusiasm for fashion and materials are reflected in our local workshops. Here we care for, repair and rework coats, jackets and other leather, lamb and fur products. With tact and professional know-how for over 40 years, we can create new unique items from old treasures in no time at all.


The integrative aspect of our company is particularly important to us. One point on the subject of inclusion is particularly important to us: representation.
We are always working on our shop, offer large sizes and are always open to improvement. Our mission is to make our customers happy and to emphasize individual beauty with our fashion.
Our range should be an offer for all those who want to express their character and celebrate their body, no matter what size, origin, whether LGBTQIA+ or not, no matter, everyone should feel comfortable here.


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