Our Valentine's Day gift ideas

Anything but flowers!
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day divides minds. For some it means romance, love and togetherness , for others heartbreak and bad mood.
We think Valentine's Day is the perfect way to show your special someone just how much you appreciate them. Or yourself! But it doesn't matter whether you're spending the day together or just want to do something good for yourself, we'll show you a few alternative gifts to chocolate, flowers and the like.

A little Valentine's Day attention, lots of love

It doesn't always have to be the big gift to make someone happy. It's much more about the gesture and the thoughts you have about the gift ( Valentine's Day or not...). How about a noble leather glove , for example? Or a high-quality scarf ? Real essentials in February! A personal and long-lasting gift that brings back memories every time you wear it. Classic, timeless, beautiful. For all the romantics out there: accessories such as gloves or scarves are perfect companions for a romantic carriage ride through downtown Vienna...

Red leather gloves
Two-tone leather gloves in teal
Dark red leather gloves ladies

Evergreen, handbag

Let's be honest, can you ever have enough handbags ? I think we agree, the answer is: never.
And what could be better than an everyday and practical gift ? Anyone who now only thinks of women's handbags is wrong. The fashion-conscious man of the world naturally wears men's bags today! A fashionable accessory that convinces with practicality and charm . Valentine's Day is an excellent excuse for such a new unique piece.

Mini handbag in green

Red leather - totally sexy!

Those who spare neither costs nor effort this Valentine's Day may be convinced of our last gift idea. How about a noble leather jacket in red or pink ? Leather jackets are the epitome of timelessness . An absolute eye-catcher that makes hearts leap for joy. This is also a lovingly individual gift that is fashionably relevant and certainly not only convincing this year.

Pink biker jacket women
Red biker leather jacket women
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